Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello, I didnt post this weekend, because I dont know why? Saturday was fun. I went to the gym with my daughter and that was always nice. I did the bike for 3 miles and the treadmill for 1.3. My lovely daughter pushed my treadmill to 1.5 on the incline when I wasnt looking. But, you know I did  not really notice it. So I guess I will keep it there til I increase it again. But, I realize I do have to watch my sneaky daughter.

She showed me how to us the elliptical. Um, I dont think I like that, unfortunately it really hurts my knee. I have osteoarthritis in one knee, and the other one isnt great. I guess I screwed them up carrying all this weight for so long. But the bike and treadmill doesnt hurt them, so I will stick with that. But, I am glad I tried it, I always wanted to.  Then I did the arm thingy machines. I have ugly arms, so I really like working them. Diet is going well.

Sunday, Went well, went to church and it was awesome, they had the Children of the World there and they performed and it was the sweetest and most wonderful performance. I really enjoyed it.  Went to Costco after that to get new dog beds, it was great they had these new ones, that aren't the fluffy ones that my Luke likes to use as a inflatable female doggie doll. These are made like a flat 4 inch mattress. Firm, but soft to lay on them. Great score for me. It has been so cold. We didnt get snow like they suggested :(. But the mountains did and are magnificent to look at. Remember these are new events for us. I mean our mountains do get snow, but not like this. Just amazing. But that also means our inland valley, where I live get freezing at night and the doggies like to sleep in the condos(crates). Which have beds and blankets in there. Last night the two males actually slept together in one condo and used each others butt as a pillow. It was funny as all heck. The female slept inside, I dont know, I use to not have dogs in the house. It was my BIG rule, but when she was pregnant (4 yrs ago on Valentines she had pups). I started letting her inside sheesh I even let her sleep on the love seat. She was huge. I felt so bad for her. OMG, near the delivery time, I use to sleep on the couch and she would sleep on the love seat. I would bring her water and snacks during the middle of the night so she didnt even have to move off the loveseat. She was really uncomfortable. I just couldnt let her sleep by herself. What happened to me. AAAgh, since then she sleeps in the house (and she got fixed), and she now follows me everywhere.  We sorta bonded. We are now like best buds.


The Ninja said...

Puppy Love, awww.

I did 3 miles on the treadmill last night, I've been setting the incline on 1 to help get me more used to running in the real world.

I read somewhere that adjusting the incline up helps to even out the conditions.

We daughters are quite sneaky, I've been sneaking veggies into foods for both my Mom and my Kids for months, (he..he..he)<- that's my evil snicker.

Laryssa said...

Thanks for your comment. I have had issues with kidney stones so I'll have to check about the gallbladder.

With the elliptical: I was never able to do more than 10 seconds on it; it caused too much knee pain. Since I started PT 2 weeks ago and started strengthening the quadriceps, I was able to do 5 minutes on the elliptical without any pain. I probably could have done more but that's what I was told to do for warmup.

Jacqui said...

good luck on your surgery, Gracie. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Now I KNOW I need a dog!! That's how I will get my bestie!! :)

Great job at the gym. I don't do so well on the elliptical either. What a cool sneaky daughter you have!! :)

Have a wonderful week Gracie.
God bless


Bethanny said...

Sounds like u had quite the weekend!