Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Part two-my mind is wandering

*****Oh I forgot to mention. My goal is to lose 10 more lbs before surgery. So, if I stumble, feel free to kick me in the ass to get me back on board. It is for my health and well being. I might get pissy but it will be for my own good. So lay it on me folks.

You know what I find ironic. The whole reason I ending up dieting and changing my life with exercise was I knew I was dying. I was way to fat to go on. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs with out feeling like I was going to code. I know, it seems funny but it really wasn't. I was getting sleep apnea and GERDs.  So, I thought about weightloss surgery and I even went to consult on it. But then I had to do their weightloss program first. After I started it, I realized that I really knew deep in my heart I did not want to have weightloss surgery. So, to avoid that I needed to succeed in diet and exercise and changing my life completely. It worked, I have lost 55 lbs in 3.5 months. I am really happy and realize I can do it. Not without issues, I mean from couch potato to walking maniac. I also use weights and equipment. I also am eating healthy with very few issues. Water is my best friend. I went thru Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (which is also was my son 's18th BD) and I never once had any type of desserts(of course I did take a whiff and smell them, lol)  or terrible fattening foods or booze. Now as a reward for my good behavior I have gallstones which needs surgery. DOH!,  Yes, I do find that Ironic..But I am still glad I did not have weightloss surgery. I am not putting it down by any means, it works for many people and God Bless them. But, it wasn't what I wanted after all.

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The Ninja said...

I have always been terrified of the idea of weightloss surgery. It scares me so. But we are all doing this together and it may take a bit longer but we'll get there.

My word for the "I'm not a computer test" is unglyro, i love blogger, lol