Thursday, April 7, 2011

whoa baby

Geez Louise, more rain and winter storm this weekend. Well at least it is helping our drought.  So yesterday after work, I went and visited my daughter to see all the yard work she had done. Of course, I got to see my grandkids(the dogs). The puppy is growing so big. Her roommate taught him how to shake. It is so cute, he has massive paws. The female is teaching him to be mellow, both of them are so laid back. At least when she is there. Alone, is a different story.
Last night, my family at home wanted pizza. So I stopped off after my visit to Filippi's. Picked it up, brought it home and gave it to them. It looked so gooooood. But, I didnt have any. :{.  But that is ok, I would have hated myself in the morning. I worked out on my new Reebok resistance rope. Fun, but I still didnt watch the CD. I really need too.

Also, if you are in spirit, please say a prayer for the children and families affected by the shooting at a Rio de Janeiro elementary school. It is so tragic. I live in a place where we have had several school shootings and the terror is indescribable. I know there are so many tragedy's in the world right now, including Japan and prayers are being asked for all. It always breaks my heart for the innocent children.


Marilee said...

That's a hard one to resist alright. Good for you!

Maria said...

Congrats for resisting the pizza, I'm not sure I could have! I'm going to have to look up this resistance rope, don't know anything about it!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Wow, I didn't even hear about Rio yet. Too much of this stuff these days. Amy's makes a great premade pizza with just roasted veggies and another all vegan one that has Daiya cheeze that has zero cholesterol. They are both yummy. And small enough that there aren't that many calories anyhow. Cheese was something I missed when I first went vegan, but now there are dozens of vegan cheezes and some pretty healthy. I make my own nut cheeze so it satisfies the "fat" cravings but still has fiber. It's always an awesome feeling to pass on the late night eating. Not a feeling I experience often!!

Julie said...

I didn't know anything about the shoot so did a search. WOW, these families will be in my prayers.
Skipping the pizza, that is great. I'm not sure if I could of done that. You are doing amazing.
Take care my friend and God Bless!!