Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm ok with it.

Well last night went well. I lost 5.5 lbs.  At first I was like bummer... But, after I thought about it. I did lose 4 lbs at my last visit before I left for surgery. So that would be 9.5 lbs. So I'm ok with it. I feel motivated again. Funny thing, I had a new doctor last night. She was really nice and asked me how I was after surgery and did I have any tummy/bowel problems. I said oh ya, which I have. Certain foods go right thru me. She said, that was normal after the type of surgery I had. This was a relief to me. I have been having a lot of issues. I was a little worried, but now I am not. She said that these symptoms will subside and go away. So now, I must weigh in every Tuesday night and be held accountable : (). That will be a good thing. No screw ups and no missing exercise. Hopefully I will get out of the 240 and hit low 230 by end of month. Ya, that is a big wish, but you have to reach for the stars Right!?! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Also, Julie, I will take pictures and  review the Reebok resistance rope this weekend. I am excited to see what all I can do with it. I will watch the CD soon. Take care my friend.


Maria said...

Congrats on the weight loss! And I'm glad you're doing so well after surgery!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome loss! Congrats. You have some great goals that are certainly attainable! You go girl!!