Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boy am I tired.

Things have been so busy at work. Monday I never had time to take a lunch break so no walking. Yesterday one of my assistants insisted I take a break. Bless her heart. Today, I will also go for a walk. It sure helps my mind besides my body. Today, I am going to try to leave at 2:30.its our big  clinic day so all the docs will be gone from the office and in the clinic : ).  This morning was tuff to get out of bed. Monday night, OMG I went home had a shake for dinner and laid down and boom that was it.  Of course, I had a bad dream and must have screamed in my sleep because I woke up the husband who I heard saying a"are you alright? Did you have a bad dream?". I remember mumbling ya and fell back to sleep.  I have been having bad dreams lately. I sure dont like them.

Well, I am sure things will get better right?  My poor daughter has worked 18 days straight with only one day off and then they had a staff meeting so she had to go to that. She still wont get off until tomorrow and then back at it again for another 5 days straight. I sure wished she wanted to work at a hospital. I would do everything in my power to hire someone like that. My staff uses every excuse to take a sick "mental" day off. Which sux. But, things wont be so easy anymore. We are in tough times and those who dont want to be here unfortunately might get that wish on a more permanent basis.

OMG here I go again, pissing and moaning. I really dont like myself when I am like that. I need a mental change and snap out of it.  Diet is going well, beside my very old frienemy TOM. But I sure hope it shows a weight loss this evening at the clinic. We will see. Weather is going to be very warm today, so I nice walk will indeed do me well. I will stop and smell the flowers, (we dont have roses around here).

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Julie said...

I hope you did get out for your walk today. It makes a world of difference when you can. I hope your work day got better too. I worked in the nursing field for 12 years so I understand both sides of the fence. We had a couple employees that said they needed I days.... I can't see going to work today. UGH, did that make life difficult.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon.