Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everyone is so kind

I want to thank all my dear and blessed friends for their kind words. I admit, when I first saw this picture I was so ashamed of myself and cried. But as you all have said that is my before. I will try to get my son to take a half way after picture this weekend.

All of you are right, this journey has taken me away from that woman in the picture and I pray that on this journey I am learning a healthy way of life that I can take with me forever. I truly believe I am doing an injustice to God for the way I was treating my body. Funny, I dont smoke, or drink but food and laziness were my demons. I am trying to turn my life around one step at a time. (I am sure some of you are rolling your eyes, but thats ok).

At times I slip up or fall back into my harmful ways. But, I do find the strength to step back up and search for guidance. Sometimes it is thru prayer and other times it is thru reading my dear friends blogs.  Sometimes I just need advice and others I need a good kick in the bootie.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.  God Bless


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

No rolling eyes here.. and I doubt anyone would as we are all in the same boat!! One step at a time and always trying to be moving forward. You are an inspiration and I really appreciate your spiritual perspective on things. I enjoy visiting your blog.

Today I learned that I am NOT one of the winners of the Medifast contest and I found myself really bummed about it... went to my room, cried, felt like going back to bed, felt like buying a quart of ice cream. Then I realized that I haven't lost weight for a contest! I haven't "lost" anything by not being one of the winners... I'm okay! Life is still good! So I let it go and I'm moving on. Funny how our emotions can try to sabotage us but I really believe that God is there to help us with our emotions and learn to gain power over them!!

I think you are doing fabulously... one step at a time!

God bless!

MissMommie said...

My friend, Tammy, says that food is my drug of choice, but unlike an alcoholic or a drug addict, we can't live without food. You can't stop eating cold turkey and survive. That makes it hard, not sure that it would be harder, but it's different. You're are doing a great job!! Keep at it, the inside (mental and emotional) will catch up with the changes on the outside. Even after losing 50lbs, I still look like you in the picture and I still avoid the camera!!