Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh my goodness

Just came back from my lunch walk and it is frickin hotter than heck, even here coastal. It might be an air condition night at home. To bad though it is suppose to cool tomorrow. I dont mind weekends being warm since I go to the ac gym and can come home to the pool and lay by it. But noooooo, week days hot, weekends cooler. :(.  Oh well if that is all I have to sweat about, then I should be thankful.

Sitting here now at my desk with my little fan on me, drinking water and I am starting to feel better. It must 90 here.  This weekend should be quiet, no plans, just the gym Saturday and Church and gym Sunday. No problem. Maybe even sleep in.  I will drink my Iced Tea and relax.... Let see if that happens. Happy Friday.


Julie said...

90*, wishful thinking. Really I don't mind summer. We only get maybe 30-40 80-90* temps a full year ther rest of the time so much cooler. Today it's 37* damp, chilly and last night it snowed. YUCK!!! I so want some warmth. If you share some here, I'll send some cooler air to you. Deal?
Take care and have a blessed afternoon!!

MissMommie said...

It's been chilly and cloudy most of the week here is Memphis, too, but today was gorgeous!! High today was 65 and the sky was clear! I am not looking forward to the hot days of summer, that's for sure! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Laryssa said...

At least you've got the warmer weather already. Mother Nature played a nasty April Fool's joke on us yesterday when she sent a snow and rain mix in the morning and really cold temps in the afternoon. What an mean joke! ;)