Thursday, April 28, 2011

A new idea on my diet

Ok, I went to the clinic last night and only lost 1.1/2 lbs. I was bummed, I talked to the doctor (another new one). I told him I wanted to go on the lower calorie shakes drinks. They have a variety of them. I wanted to do something to increase the weight loss. He agreed and thought it would be a good idea. He did mention to me that sometimes after surgery your body can be unstable and also the increase in exercise will also slow down the loss. But, my body should get acclimated and start back losing.  I was talking to him for a bit and told him that he was the reason I was there.I had met him initially to talk about weight loss surgery. He didnt remember me.But said, I do now qualify for weight loss surgery if I want to do it. I looked at him and said "uh no thanks". I dont know but I kinda felt hurt he said that. I thought I was doing good and why would he recommend surgery?  I dont know I could just be too sensitive but....  I also told him I just had surgery last month and I dont want to go thru that again.  I dont know if I felt good or bad leaving his office. But, I am going to move on and keep on this program. Hmmmmmm


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I would go with your gut... avoiding surgery is ALWAYS the most preferred, in my opinion. You ARE doing great. You CAN do this without surgery and you ARE already!!

You are more in tune with your body than any doctor. You have stewardship over your body and that gives you the power to receive personal revelation for yourself and what is best for you. I would TRUST in what you feel and move forward. Doctors are schooled in certain and specific things and they usually promote the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It's good to learn and educate ourselves and then pray and go on what we feel is best. After all, God is our Creator who see's and knows the whole picture and can give us the absolute BEST direction and LOVES us. Someone who loves us makes a difference on what is best for us, including ourselves!

You go girl!!

Jacqui said...

Gracie.. you are doing amazing without the surgery! Maybe he mentioned it, because you told him that was when you saw him before? I don't know.. but I say keep up the good work... and soon surgery will no longer be an option for you!

mira and deke's mommy said...

dont let some douchey doctor discourage u! he is an ass for suggestin it after all of ur success. i am so proud of u!

MissMommie said...

Just look forward the day when you no longer qualify for surgery...but on the other side of it. You've lost too much and no long qualify!!! That will be a red letter day!!