Monday, April 18, 2011

What a sunny warm weekend

Friday I took my son to the dentist and had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled. It was so fast, maybe an hour at the most. Which included  post anesthesia. He has done pretty darn well this weekend. The DDS gave him percocet.  I broke one of my back teeth from crunching on carrot sticks. That totally sucks. I just spent $590.00 (which they insist upfront)  on my boy. I think since my broken tooth is not noticeable at all and is not in too much pain. It can wait for a couple of more paydays. I had to pay the tax man a lot and I pretty much dont even dare go to the store right now. Sunday wasn't as hot as Saturday (which was 90+ degrees) so I sat at by the pool and enjoyed some peace and quiet. Well as much as I can get with 3 Labradors swimming around and 3 cockatiels singing away. But, it seemed like heaven to me. One of the new birds I got was trained to sing the Marine corp theme song and it is so cute to hear him whistle away. They are so happy in their new aviary. My Alex is also so happy he comes up to me at the door and tries to kiss me. It makes this old heart feel good.

My son is off this week for spring break, lucky duck. Saturday at the gym, I kicked up the treadmill and did 2 miles at a 1.5 level and 3.0 speed. It felt good.But,  I feel like I have  lost some of my momentum in the diet. I think since I seem to be sticking around the same weight for a month that I am getting very discouraged. I dont want to feel this way and certainly need some help from above to give me strength to continue and be strong.

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