Monday, April 11, 2011

Well I did it, (almost)

Ok, Sunday I went for a walk at the lake. I have been planning this for awhile. First off, people told me it was 3.5 miles. I was thinking to myself, I am going to do it. The most I have been able to do 1.5 miles (actually walking, treadmill I do more).  Well I start walking and it is beautiful and the weather was lovely. I am looking at this lake and thinking this looks a heck of a lot more than 3.5 miles. But, I'm trudging on and on. I start thinking to myself, if this is 3.5 miles, than my walk at lunch isnt 1.5 miles, even though I drove it and the car said it was.  Finally after a hour and a half, I am pooped. By my calculations and the signs posted I walked 4 miles. I was done. But I was confused. It just didnt seem to make sense. So I drive home and look at the lakes website. An lo and be hold, they state that it is 3.2 miles to the dam. But in parentheses it states then you have to walk back again. So good golly, it was 6.4 miles. I wasnt crazy.  Some day, I will try the whole thing, but right now I am happy for the 4 miles I did. One thing is once you get to the dam and touch the fence (apparently there is a sign on the fence that states it doesnt count unless you touch the fence) I thought that was kinda cute. But once you do, you have no choice but to walk back there is no other way out. Oh my gosh you are trapped. So you better be up to it. Someday I will be! God Bless.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome Gracie... 4 miles! You rock sista!!! I bet it was a gorgeous walk. :) Did you look at the dam road and see the dam trees and the dam houses? (tee hee)


Maria said...

Good for you, Gracie! Don't you feel great when you've achieved something new? That's a major walk there! Maybe that's why I set up my neighborhood walks in circles. I can take this extra circle or that one and not walk as far, but I never get trapped and have to walk all the way back! :)