Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday and still moving forward

Yesterday, I weighed myself and I was down 3 lbs. Today I was up 4lbs. LOL. I am doing pretty much the same thing day in and day out. I am not gonna get upset. Yesterday, was very warm. I came home from work completely exhausted. I ate my typical dinner and shake. I had three huge glasses of sugar free Iced Tea and fell asleep by 7pm. I mean yesterday was just one of those days you want to forget. So, I fell asleep soo early and only got up once when the dog woke me up cause she had to tinkle. My dog, if she falls asleep on her bed, in the front of the house versus next to me. When she has to go and she barks and if no one wakes up. She will, and I mean literally go charging thru the closed hall door and slams into my closed bedroom door hard enough to open it and comes running to my side of the bed. Believe you me, no one sleeps thru that noise. When she has to pee, she HAS to pee.  So I let her out and I went ahead and had a potty break and fell back to sleep the rest of the night. So, I am assuming all that tea did not get relieved before I weighed my self. So I am not going to worry. We will see what happens through out the weekend.


Julie said...

If I stand on my scale daily it drives me nuts. I can flux in a weeks time almost 10 lbs. I hate that and it drives me batty. I now just stand on it Mondays and Saturdays, and take whatever it says. Oh I do sneak a peek once in a blue moon cuz Jim will have left the scale out but not to often. Peeing and pooping weigh quite a bit so I'm glad you aren't upset.
You are doing awesome. It's hard but you're doing it. Keep it up my friend and thank you for stopping by. Take care and God Bless!!

MissMommie said...

I weigh daily, as well and I does drive me crazy. I'll lose steadily for 4-5 days and then all of a sudden, I'll be up 5 lbs. It's got to be water or hormones or something.