Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday and it will be a long day

Because as usual, someone called out sick. It is either Monday of Friday. I am already short staff due to vacation, so it will be a nine + hour day for me. Not including the 40 min drive to work and 60 min drive home. I am glad I brought a lot of carrot sticks. LOL.  Maria, was right, I need to be patient as plateaus do happen. Plus, PMS is here and TOM is expected soon. Maria, you are always so logical and right. I most likely overreacted. Being on a diet can sometimes mess with my mind.  I need to continue what I have been doing and have patience.

Hope everyone had a great Easter. I puppy-sat and cooked most of the day. I cooked two meals, one for the family at home and one for my daughter and her roommate. Two hams, and two sets of side dishes, all different. Two pies. I have to admit, I did take a slice of ham and dice to put in a salad for my dinner. The ham will cause water retention so I am going to be careful and drink extra.  Well, it looks live the weather has improved so it will be a nice walk today at lunch, which I will take even though we are short staffed.
Take care everyone.

PS: Those two pies, one was choc cream and the other was banana cream sure SMELLED good.


Maria said...

Aww shucks, I'm blushing! And I'm going to print this screen so I can prove to some people who don't believe I'm a bit logical. :)

Please don't overwork yourself! You'll be tired and grumpy and feel bad about yourself if you do.

You're awfully nice to cook two meals! I just cooked the one, and I ate some of the chocolate cake I made. =)

gracies tough journey said...


Julie said...

Maria is so right. Ups and downs, downs and ups. Just keep plugging along and it'll happen. You've done amazing so far, you'll get to where you want to be. I know you will.
Take care and have a blessed day.