Friday, April 22, 2011

Lets kick it up a notch

I have been dieting and exercising so much lately yet I still havent been able to move my weight loss mark to 70 lbs. I decided to move it every 10 lbs. It is so frustrating. I have been walking over 2 miles at lunch each day. Weekends the gym 2 miles on the treadmill and arm thingys. I also use my resistance band to exercise at night. I have increased my fluids and watching what I eat. Trying to cut down the calories, my goal is 1300. I bring carrot sticks to  nibble on all day. I have even cut those down, since they do have a lot of sugar in them. I know that since I am pre-menopausal my water retention keeps happening two weeks out of the month. I have talked to the Doctor at my clinic about that. She states that we will see what happens next week at weigh in. I will NOT give up. I am frustrated but not defeated.  My pants are all baggy. I started off in a tight 24, now I am wearing an 18. Yippeeeeee. But, the scale is stagnant. I am not saying I am not losing weight, but it fluctuates from 2 down, to 1 up, to nothing, then 1 down....aaaaghhhhh.

I see on some people who list their menu, it floors me that some can eat fast food, and still lose. There is no way I would. I am on a HMR diet, which requires you drink a certain amount of protein shakes, and meal replacements and veggies and lots of water and exercise.I have to write down everything I eat and it sure seems to me that calories add up fast. This program does work for me, I have lost a little over 60 lbs since 10/13/10, but  I want more off. Sorry about the rant and raving. (Must be Pre-PMS,I use that excuse a lot, lol)


The Ninja said...

Rant away, that's what we are here for :0)

I have to stay away from most fast food too, I retain water like a damn sponge. I can go up and down 6 pounds in a day based on water. I have a PRN prescription for lasix when I get too uncomfortable.

Maria said...

I tried the HMR diet a couple of years ago. It was supposed to be a magical thing, but unfortunately, it wasn't for me. I lost about 6 lbs, but my blood sugar ran up to over 500! The calories do add up fast, and there's a lot of carbs in the shakes (tho they taste good)! I had to give it up, but it sounds like it worked for you. Carrot sticks? We weren't allowed to eat anything but the HMR foods. I fell in love with their chocolate bar.

How long have you been stuck? You know plateaus do happen! Congrats on size 18!