Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why oh why

Why oh why did I ever think I wanted weightloss surgery. I cannot imagine going thru this on a elective weightloss bypass or lap band. This so sucks.  I feel like crap, so immobile and lethargic. I remember when I started this weightloss journey, my first thought was to get a lap band. I met with the doctors who said you first have to do this HMR program before the insurance would consider a bypass. Lap band was not covered. Ok, I will do your damn HMR program. I never dreamed I would succeed. But, not only that, I enjoy it. I it works within my life. The exercise was hard. I started off as a proud couch potato. I mean, really I work long hours and everyday. Don't I deserve to be fat and lazy? OK, I had to start exercising, it started out at 10 minutes. Wahoo, I was pounding the pavement for 10 minutes. Then THEY said we had to start increasing the exercise. I was outraged "this is bullshit". I didnt sign up for this. Then something happened, I started to lose weight and fast. I mean it was crazy. I started pounding the pavement longer and longer. Then I started also going to the gym. Which I have had a membership for years. (WTF) Who knew it was going to be worth it. I then realized that I DONT want weightloss surgery that I CAN do this on my own.  What an awakening .  Now, nearly 60 lbs down since 10/13/10 I have this stupid gall bladder surgery. Ugh, Now, I might not have been able to avoid the gall bladder surgery, but no way in HELL am I going to have any weightloss surgery.

Funny thing happened while at the hospital. As much as possible I was walking, I knew that was what I needed to avoid DVT's and help healing. I was walking the halls on the surgery floor most of the night and day that I was there. Finally someone else walked with me for one lap. It was a man about my age who said he had lap band done. He was also miserable like me. He went into his room and was on his phone during one of my laps and he was loud. He was complaining about being on the liquid diet before the surgery and now had to stay on it for a while after surgery. He sounded pissed off. But what did he expect?  I kinda wonder if some people think that surgery would be a quick fix. I cant imagine that. But at least I will return to normal(hopefully soon). But I will be less a gall bladder and not with a band around my stomach which has to be filled or loosened . They really have to watch what they eat more than I do. So that it goes down. They dont want food to get stuck. OMG that sounds so frickin hard to live with.  Now dont get me wrong, if surgery works for you then more power to you. I am not judging you or criticizing you. I am a wuss and hate surgery and I make a piss poor patient.

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I thought the same thing about a weight loss surgery! I went to my doctor and was referred to a surgeon... checked with my insurance. Then I just never pushed forward with it. I'm so glad I didn't!! And the stats really aren't that great for maintaining good health afterwards! There are better ways... and I'm glad I found one.

I'm happy your surgery went well and you seem to be recovering nicely. Hope you have a wonderful week!

God bless.