Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well I am starting to miss my time off and it is not even over. I will be back on the ole alarm clock again come Monday. Getting up at 5:10 am ugh!. Today, I got up a 6:30 showered, made coffee, cleaned up kitchen, did a bit of laundry. Cleaned my bathroom and went to do a bit of shopping. I got to the gym around 9:am or just before. Did the treadmill, I have raised the treadmill level to 2.5 and 3.0 speed. I do that for 30ish minutes, about 1.5 miles, then I do the 5 minute cool down. I am now able to do the arm thingy machines and the stationary bike. Which by the way still kills my bootie afterwards. Weight is still doing about the same.  Still waiting for TOM, at my age it really should just go away and stop messing with me. It will probably come on Monday morning, first day back at work and with cramps. Sweeeeet! It now comes about every 5-7 weeks apart. I know TMI. Sorry fella's who might be reading this. As you can see, I am feeling much better and completely recovered from surgery.
Take care

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Julie said...

That TOM for me is 17-19 days apart. I wish it would be more like yours. I don't need it anymore, it could leave me alone too.
Be sure you relax and rest up this week so you're all ready for work on Monday and then be sure to not push right away. Just take care of yourself.
Have a great TGIF. God Bless!!