Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh much better

Today the ole belly button is feeling much better. One full day on meds and cleaning it with peroxide and neosporin has made a lot of difference. It is still black and blue but feeling better. I was even able to put my own socks on today. Sweet, man family is much happier. It was always "help my feet are cold please put my socks on for me". Hey, if that is all I asked from them, they shouldnt complain right?

Today is one warm day, about 82 degrees and Sunny skies. I have been sitting by the pool in my swimsuit bottoms and a tank top. My bathing suit is quite lose. I might have to buy a new one for summer, especially since I have so much more weight to lose. Making another pitcher of Iced Tea, yummy. I am beginning to feel more like my self. The dogs took a couple of dips in the pool, but not me. First I have my wounds still to care for and 2) The water needs to be at lest 80 degrees for me.

I am trying to figure out how to do a sidebar of my weightloss since 10/13 showing each weigh in. Anyone know how? I sure could use the instructions. I thought if I did a spreadsheet and maybe add another page. But I would like it on the front page. Help!

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