Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello there

Things are going well, diet is going very good. I am starting to tinkle like I use to. So the water weight (puffy) is leaving. I have lost a pound each day. Hope it continues. So, this weekend my son's friends went to the casino and he wanted to join them. So I begged my daughter to go with us. You see at my son's age I cannot be seen with him. Oh heaven's no way!. So my daughter came with me.
This is me before we left:

This is me when I came home:

Oh well, I will not make this a habit. 
One more picture if you dont mind:

Here are my two boys, Luke(Chocolate) and Boomer (Black). They are father and son. They have the entire back yard, with a couple of beds and several crate condos. And as you can tell it is sunny. But they had to share the same bed. Aaaaw, they are so cute. Mommy dog, Dakota is in the house sleeping on her bed. (Ya, she is spoiled).

Oh, well off to the gym. It is suppose to rain, so I best hit the road. Take care.

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

A pound a day... very cool!! Love it when the water weight leaves. Have fun w/ your doggies. I am a dachshund lover myself... when we do get dogs, that's what we'll get.

Have a great day!!