Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday at Work again

Well, things are going great. I didn't sleep to well last night. Most likely the anxiety of coming back to work. Now dont get me wrong, it was time. I was starting to go a bit bonkers at home. Especially last week, while it was rainy and I couldnt sit out by the pool. I went to the gym daily, but after that?   I need more stimulation than being home. It amazes me how there is nothing on TV during the day.  Also, it was like my house was never empty. I certainly enjoyed the times alone, but there was almost someone home all the time. I guess I never knew this since I was at work all day.  Oh, well back to my reality. I am keeping my log again for HMR and will weigh in next week on the 5th.  Hope it shows a good loss.

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Julie said...

I don't like lots of time alone either. I can handle part of a day, an afternoon but not lots. It's not that I like lots of people either but I do enjoy the company.
Thanks for stopping by. take care and God Bless!!