Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunny San Diego

OMG it is going to be soo warm today. Nearly 90 near home. I am glad that I walk at my place of work, which is coastal. Lots cooler. Today, I was so early to work I decided to take my car and follow my walk path to see how much I am actually walking. It turns out it is exactly 1.5 miles. I am so happy. It is more than I thought. But it explains why I was so tired the first day. It is so weird that even though I do the treadmill at 1.5 it just seems so different that actually walking. Hmmmm something to ponder!

Today, I wore a tighter fitting shirt, so not like me. I am so use to hiding my body. But everyone is telling me how good I look. So nice and motivating.   Still seems to me that the weight loss is stalling a bit. I was reading Allans weight loss blog and he brought up again the importance of writing everything down that goes in my mouth. Now, I always do that on the weightloss program I am on. But for the last month, following my surgery I didnt. Even though I never really fell off the diet I didnt write down what I ate. I think I will start back up. Just because, I am not "cheating" on my diet doesnt mean that I am not just eating too much, even the good foods have calories. I think maybe I must have been just eating more calories than I should have. I also think that I need to increase the water and fluid intake especially in this heat we are having. I notice after my lunch walks that my hands are swollen from water retention just from the 40 minute walk. It goes away after a few tinkle breaks but it is something to take note of.

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Marilee said...

Sometimes those calories can just creep up a little if we are not diligent in keeping track. I've proven that time after time. Enjoy your walks! It's cold and wet here, but everything is starting to bloom, except the tulips, and the grass is growing greener all the time. Or maybe that's just moss.