Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bloody Hell

Not really, its just really warm, must be near 90. Laying out by the pool but water still too cold for me. Today I drove myself to the store, did a bit of shopping and.......went to the gym. Yes, ladies and gentlemen one week (give or take a day) after surgery I am back at the gym and I did a mile on the treadmill. Ya me. Each day I will try to increase. I still cant do the other equipment, nothing over 10 lbs (doctors orders). But he said yes on the treadmill and in fact it will help.

Drinking tons of Iced Tea. I make my own, I use two reg tea bags and two decaf tea bags. Then I add into my Iced tea glass sugar free Torani's. I use Mango and Peach. OMG it is so good.

Tomorrow is the movies. That will be so fun, I can't wait. I bought some little bottles of Zero for me and son, and Diet Dr. Pepper for Daughter to sneak in to drink. Drinks are really expensive as is everything at the theater.

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