Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great news

Shout out: Margene from has reached her goal. She is so inspiring to me. I am so happy for her.

Yesterday I went to the surgeon for my final visit and I was released to go back to work and start back on the HMR program (which I never stopped, hehe). I was so close to work that I stopped by for a visit. Everyone was so happy to see me. It was such a good feeling. On my way out, my bosses,(two MD's who are married to each other) were just walking in. They had big smiles on their faces and it was so obvious they were so happy to see me. They kept asking me how I felt and that I looked great, I said I felt great and I would be back Monday. I think they were relieved, the male MD is my personal boss and I literally do everything for him and I think he missed me more than he even lets on. LOL. Everyone at work kept saying how good I looked and asked how much more weight I lost. It was so sweet of them.

 BUT... have you ever felt weird telling people how much you have lost. I tell them I have lost 60 lbs, but then I always wonder if they are thinking if  I have lost that much yet I still have so much more to lose, they might start calculating how much I must have weighed to begin with. Oh no, here comes that self doubt and low self esteem again. Shoooot!

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Let that self-doubt float out the window girl. It is MOSTLY just in your head only. Seriously... who has the time to sit and calculate numbers like that and try to critique others? People who do are rare and NOT worth the effort to worry over anyway. I totally struggle w/ thinking like that myself. It feels so much better to just assume others think the best about you!

I'm sure you do look FABULOUS! 60 pounds is a lot, girl! Fantastic!!

Thanks for the shout out about me, too. You are too nice! :)

Take care..