Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Midweek and I am flying thru

Today is a lot warmer than it has been for a while. I went ahead and brought a T-shirt to change into at work for my walk. It was a good thing, it was a toasty one and I dont want to sweat in my blouse. Tomorrow is going to be even warmer. Time for some more Iced Tea, sweeeet!  My mom was from England with the British accent and traditions. She was in the British air force and met my dad who was in the American Navy. They met and fell in love in England during the war. Married in England and then he brought her to America, to Kansas to be sure. What a shock she must have had. She must have heard all about the wonders of America and was excited to see them and she ends up in Kansas in the 50's. OMG. What a dirty hole it was. Mind you, my grandparents lived a  little dirty farm with an outhouse.  Well, this story was actually about Tea. See how easy it is for me to be swayed, even in my own story. Well, we were raised on tea. I always said, I never had breast milk only tea.  So, I am a lover of tea, hot or Iced. Yum.  So are my kids. My mom pretty much raised my daughter and also took care of my son. Both of which were given warm tea and milk in their sippy cups. LOL. Man I miss my mom. (See what I started).

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Maria said...

Hi Gracie! I grew up on tea, too, though noone in my family is from England. But only iced tea, my family is from the south. And only artificially sweetened ice tea, as my family has weight issues. LOL But still, I love it and drink it every day. I've thought about trying hot tea, but I don't know what's good. :)

It's a great story about your parents, thanks for sharing!

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