Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is quiet right now

Which is very very good. I still have about another 1 week off, I return to work on the 28th. Once that happens all this peace and quiet will seem like a dream. Going to the gym everyday. I have increased my treadmill to 3.1 speed and increased to level 2. Still doing daily 1.5 miles or more. My diet is going great. My frustration though is the TOM. I dont know if it is because of my age or what. I start retaining water and cramping about 1 week prior to the actual event. I work out and I eat well, drink tons of water an Iced tea yet, I cant seem to lose the 3-4 lbs of gain. I am getting a little pissed off. (Of course that could be PMS). But, I am doing so well not having anything I shouldn't. I didnt cheat at my daughters BBQ, I didnt have any cake. I didnt eat at the casino buffet,Mom of the 4th power, you were right, I did go to long without food. I usually plan it better. But I really didnt think we would be there so long. I Love playing slots, but after an hour or so, I am ready to leave. I get bored and I really dont like the smokiness of casinos. When I went to the movies I brought my own drinks and snacks. But, I want to lose this water weight so bad.

My heel still hurts after work outs, I think people are right, I might have plantar fasciitis.
 I read up on it and it matches to a T. But, I did buy proper shoes and now I think I am going to buy an insert to the shoe for comfort and arch support. It stated that should help. I do after work out rest it as much as possible. The great thing is that it doesnt hurt when I actually use the treadmill and I do stretch prior and I use the treadmill cool down option after.  When this water weight drops, I will be so happy and it will drop.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

It WILL drop! You are doing awesome!
I have (or maybe had) planters fasciitis too, and the insert that saved me that my doctor recommended is called "Super Feet". It is patented and I felt a difference the first day. I had to get them at a special store, but now I just buy them on Ebay. They run about $30. a pair. I use the green ones & have them in all my shoes.

Anyhoo - Hang in there with that water retention... persistence is the key and you've got it girl!! You really are amazing!!


gracies tough journey said...


I just found them and ordered them. I will let you know the results. Thank you for the information. You are a godsend. Gracie HugsXX