Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunny day

It has been a nice quiet day. Went to Wal Mart then to the gym. Back up to 1.5 mile on treadmill at 3.0. Picked up my daughters birthday cake. Having her a BBQ tomorrow for her birthday which is actually on the 15th. She will come over tomorrow after I go to church and gym. We will watch movies. Our favorite thing to do beside maybe the casino. LOL. 

Yesterday was nice went and saw movies at the theater. I brought my own snacks. It was really nice to be with the kids EXCEPT: they keep arguing. It completely breaks my heart. Why cant they get along? Is it the age? I dont know but it makes me sad.(I know you are reading this luv). The weather has been great, 75 degrees.  Doing well, except I have gained a couple of pounds, I think it was because of lack of true exercising. I was walking a lot after surgery but not like I am use to. So I am glad the treadmill is back in the picture.  Tuesday, we are going to casino for daughters birthday, she and my son and my daughters roommate are coming. Cant wait. When they eat at the buffet, I am going to sneak across the road to the outlet center and pick up some bra's. Since this weightloss, my tata's need new bra's to hold them up. They have an actual bra store which is great. I can get measured and try on some lift up bra's. I want them off my knees. :)  I know TMI.

*** Forgot to mention this. When I used the potty at the theater, I was washing my hands, freshening up and I looked in the mirror and it was the first time in years that I didnt cringe. I kept looking at myself and thinking is this really me? I felt like crying with joy. Thank you lord for the loss of 60 lbs and the courage and strength to continue. I couldn't have done it without you.


Marilee said...

Had to cancel my annual visit to casino for my birthday today because of the food and drink temptation. You have a great solution!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I love those moments when I don't cringe. LOVE IT!! Feels good to feel good in our own skin. And I know God wants us to feel good about ourselves (no matter what we look like).

I'm with you on the kiddo's arguing. I'm dealing with that myself. That spirit of contention... I can't stand it. Trying to find ways to bring peace in our home and with my kids. Always a struggle, I think.

Have a wonderful day Gracie!!