Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday I think?

Time has lost a lot of meaning lately. Days, minutes, hours just run together. I really didnt expect this much discomfort. But, I am getting thru it. Funny thing, I am actually doing great on the diet. I have been really losing the weight. I want to increase my water intake. I have been drinking a lot of Zero coke for the gas. But, my stomach seems flatter like the gas is leaving. It did look like I was pregnant again. Ugh. But the gas is going away and so is the weight. I am at my lowest in years. I know that exercise is so much lower than usual. I can only walk and it is slow. But I havent given in to the eating poorly. This would be a perfect time to say poor me, I should eat that cookie or cheat. But, I haven't thank God. It doesnt mean that I didnt think it a time or two. :) I am realizing that this diet is really just becoming a way of life. I eat healthier and it is just normal to continue.

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