Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things are much better today(so far)

Much quieter day than yesterday. Thank goodness. Drinking and peeing like crazy today. Geez, the bathroom is getting a work out. Speaking of which, I went for my walk. It seemed a litter harder than I remember, lol. It will get easier again. It was nice getting out for the lunch walk again. (I agree you really need to take your lunch break also)I think though, this will be a long week. It will feel that way because I just came back and it is still hard being at work and getting up at 5:10.  I dont know what to say, but I seem so very boring lately (lately?!?).  Beginning to feel like I am in a rut.  I dont know, it just may be that time of the year.(definitely that time of the month, lol) Not winter, but not summer.  I really need to kick up this weight loss thing. I have comic con coming in July and I was hoping to be down a lot more than I am. Comic Con can wear you out. It is exhausting and I need to be in better shape for it. Last year nearly killed me..Plus, summer and the pool. I really hope to get more use out of my pool this year versus last. Last year we really didnt have too many very hot days during the summer. As in triple digits. We did later in the year, but by then the pool cools off and I have to have my pool a lot warmer for me to swim. I would like to start posting more pictures also, just of things. I need to get my camera back from my daughter.(yes you).

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Julie said...

YEAH!!! Good job. It's always the first week that's hard, after that things will get easier and easier...I'm funny, not easier like a breeze, just easier in doing it.
You can do this, I have lots of lots of faith in you.
Take care my friend, take care and God Bless!!