Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am going to try it.

As you may or may not know, I am addicted to McDonalds Sugar free vanilla Iced coffee. I will get one nearly every AM before work. But, they are 120 calories and those calories are starting to add up. So today, I got a Diet Dr. Pepper, and it was good. Zero calories.  Since I have been using My Fitness pal to track everything, calories, water and exercise. It was shocking to me to see how frickin fast calories add up. So I thought I need to save those 120 calories for something else or just save them. Plus, when something starts to becomes a habit or must have... I need to look at it carefully. Of course, I am not talking about having a habit of eating healthy or exercise, but a substance of some sort.

Lately, I have been eliminating my Lean cuisines as much as possible, I have switched my breakfast to egg substitutes(30 calories for 1/3rd cup) from Costco, fat free cheese, salsa, turkey bacon also from Costco(30 calories ea) and 1  bagel thin, 100 calories (top and bottom). It is very very yummmmmy. And it takes minutes about as long as it takes to toast my bagel. I microwave the bacon and egg. Works great for work.

I bought a big bag of spinach and might tonight try cooking it with the turkey bacon. Any other ideas for spinach would be great since the bag was huge, obviously from Costco also. It could feed an army.


Brandi. said...

Check out Hungry Girl ( She has tons of awesome made over recipes. There was something like the McD's vanilla coffee. {I'm addicted to coffee, too!}

Spinach is awesome as a lettuce substitute in salads, sandwiches, burgers almost anything!

Those frozen dinners have way too much sodium, but sometimes, I don't feel like cooking, either. :)

Sounds like you are doing great!! Keep it up!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I love Costco! I am so addicted to getting my food there. I agree with cutting out the frozen meals, but it does take more time to make a quick healthy meal. But it is doable. Just little changes here and there really add up! When you find ideas for your spinach, maybe you share them here too. :) I'm always looking for new ideas.

Have a great day!

SO FAT NOW said...

Spinach shrinks.. The Costco bag when cooked is about 2 cups...