Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday and it should be restful

Well, graduation was a success. My boy was too sick to go to Disneyland. But, one of my goals is to go to Disneyland when I lose 100 lbs. Hopefully (fingers crossed) in October this year.  My boy will now be able to rest and hopefully get well soon. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate the friendships here.

I have been faithfully doing my fitness pal daily calories and exercise form. It looks really good and it keeps me on track. I have the day off today and I was going to walk the lake again, but the cable company is coming today since we are not getting the HD and HBO channels. I think they will need to replace the box. Soooo, if the night cools off nicely, I am there. If not, I will go in the AM. Hopefully both days I will go. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything went well :)

Julie said...

Love ths photo's. Mike missed his one and only trip to Valleyfair because of an accident we were all in. He wasn't hurt but Jim and I were and he refused to leave us. One day I am going to make that up to him, maybe even this summer.
Take care proud mama. You have every right to be proud. Good luck with your walking and all. You are doing wonderfully.
God Bless my friend.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Glad you're liking my fitness pal. Just keep tracking those calories and get in the water and you'll have good results!

Colie's Kitchen said...

I hope your little one if feeling better. Not much longer and you will be Disney bound!! Nicole @