Monday, June 6, 2011

Slimmer this Summer here we come!

Wow what a way to start off a challenge. Thank you JadeAngel -for the award. Your kind words meant so much to me...

10 Things About Me 

1) I love my kids.
2) I love God.
3) I am happy that I have met on line, a wonderful group of bloggers, more so now thanks to Debbie and Mir for this challenge.
4) One blogger especially has been such an inspiration and I feel bad that I have never even mentioned it to her. Margene
5) I feel smaller, my pants size has dropped from a 24 to a 16, yet when I look at a picture of myself and I still see the size 24 gal. Sad, I know.
6) I am very very spiritual.
7) I believe in Karma
8) I miss my parents every day.
9)I am truly excited about being in this Slimmer by Summer challenge. I really believe this is what we all need. Positive reinforcement and knowledge that we are not alone in this weight loss journey.
10) I try every day to be a better mom and person. Both are a struggle.
I am forwarding this award to:
1) Margene-
2)Mir - still love my red shoes I copied from Mir)
3)Debbie- Debbie is always a positive motivator. Thank you

Here is my starting weight:


Karen@WaistingTime said...

How lucky that my first visit to your blog let's me learn so much about you:)

Amber said...

It will be fun to make lots of new friends through this wonderful summer challenge. I am enjoying it already!

Jade Angel said...

Love your ten things about you! Beginning weight looks like Good luck with the first week!

Lizzie said...

Yes, I try to be a better mom every day, too. Some are easier than others! Enjoy doing STS and I'll enjoy following you!

gracies tough journey said...

LOL at Jade Angel... Our beginning weights look like each other and we both work in hospitals....It must be a hospital thingy.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hi Gracie!

It's 2:47 am my time and I just finished up a LONG day... and slipped on over here to read you latest posts before turning in. I feel so touched that you mentioned me specifically... warm fuzzies. Thank you. The feeling is mutual. :) I loved reading the 10 things about you and relate to practically every one! I especially miss my parents every single day! Thank you for the award! And shrinking down to a 16 is SUPER. I think you should practice saying "I am super hot, sexy and skinny" until it comes natural and you believe it!!

God bless!!