Thursday, June 2, 2011

No change

Well, I stayed the same :(  

Was hoping for at least a pound. But, as usually this AM my scale shows a loss. So I cant worry what a 5pm scale says. It was warm, so ya I drank a lot.

I am on the HMR diet, which is protein shakes and meal replacements (similar to lean cuisine) and veggies. As of today they added fruit and some protein is allowed. I may add the fruit to my shakes, they are good to begin with and adding fruit they will taste like smoothies. Yum, perfect for summer. Also, this is the time of year where some yummy salads taste good. They always (to me) taste better on warm days.

My son's prom is this weekend. Big weekend. Then in a couple of weeks my baby boy graduates. I cant fathom how fast time passes. This could be why I am in a funk with the blues......

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Marilee said...

Hope things start looking brighter for you soon. Graduations are both wonderful and difficult times for parents.