Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wonder if its gonna be a warm summer

Last year we had a really cool summer weather wise.  But this year it is already heating up. My walk yesterday I had to cut it short, just under 2miles. I received a slight sunburn(I am usually better about preventing  that issue). But I stayed in the pool too long without re-applying lotion. So the heat was going right thru might shirt and hurting my arms and back. Today, the weather was a little more overcast (since I am coastal) but was still warm, just not as warm as yesterday. So I was able to do the full 60 minutes.  I have been bringing in work out clothes to work so I can change when I go out. Dont want to be a sweaty and smelly all day. :O.

I cant believe I forgot my carrots today. So, I have been drinking more. I am a stress eater and work=stress. But, I dont want to eat anything bad, soooooo more fluids.  Yes, that means more potty breaks. But what the heck.

Last night after work, it was really warm, my son had the AC on for me when I got home. He's so sweet. I went swimming and did some water workouts. The pool feels so great.. But, I wore a long sleeve T-shirt over my bathing suit, to keep the sun off.

I recently bought some flatouts with flax from Costco, they have 100 calories. If you add a slice of either ham or turkey and then stuff it full of lettuce it is so yummy with such low calories... I love these new things I am finding lately. Brings a little excitement to my diet.

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1Fit Mama (Karrah) said...

Ahhh... I eat the Flat Outs too! I make little pizzas out of them with pizza sauce, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni and cheese... and lots of garlic! Yummm!!!