Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Being a supv sucks

I guess thats that. I hate dealing with unions and stuff. Love our Labor relations dept tho.

Ok, Last night we had a "real storm". Snow in the Mts, rain, hail and thunder and lightening that shook the house and got the dogs crazy scared. Wow it was awesome.

This weekend was nice an peaceful. Took my son to Kohls, he needed shorts. On the way home, I said lets stop of at Sonic's.(We never do). We were waiting in the drive thru for 20 minutes, all we wanted was the Low cal Cherry limeade (10 calories). It was what they call happy hour, so the drinks were half off.
While we sat there regretting the decision for a drink, we were able to get a good look at the menu, we dont eat there. Their food just doesn't look that good. So reading the menu, we could not believe the amount of calories that were in their food. They had this one burger, with 2 patties, cheese, jalapenos(maybe bacon) I couldnt remember everything on it. But the one burger alone was 1240 calories. Wow!. Scanning the rest of the menu, we really couldnt believe it. The one reason we had a long wait, the car in front of us, a tiny little car ordered about 30 bucks worth of food. OMG.   Our bill was 2.04 for both our drinks. Ok, the drinks were refreshing. But, so not worth the wait.  I remember when Sonic's opened in the town. It was this really big deal. Packed constantly, causing traffic issues, of course after a couple of weeks that ended. I think the only time it is busy now is on weekends.

Well off to work now. Take care.

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wake up people and consider the calories in fast food! Seriously, if everyone would just STOP buying that crap, they would be FORCED to change to healthier foods and that would help us ALL!

Interestingly enough, I've never had a sonic beverage... only their fast food and that was over 3 years ago when I didn't even look at calories. Boy, have times changed!

Have a good one, my friend! ;)