Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey Julie!

Hi Julie, just wanted to answer your question.

HMR is a weight loss program. It is very similar to Medi-fast. They use protein shakes, which I love and they have their own little pre-packaged meals, they have their own oatmeal. But truthfully, you can use any oatmeal. It's sounds crazy to just add diet coke, but is is good. My goodness you have to wonder who would think of adding diet cola to oatmeal. I have even added a diet soda to a box of cake mix and bake it. It also comes out good.

Funny thing, the RN that I work with who is always on a diet. She is like 5'5 and about 110. And honestly her tata's must be at least 10 lbs of that 110. She is like perfect to me. You know the kind of body you wish you had (So would your husband, lol). But I digress, she tried my cookies and loved them. So I made some more last night and brought her some. I need to go to My Fitness pal and run the recipe and see how much each cookies it. But, really it depends on how much your oatmeal pack is, cause everything else has no calories, diet cola and Pam spray. I hope everyone has a blessed day. Here our weather is going to be 80 degrees. Yes, we are most definitely Blessed today!


Maria said...

Hi Gracie! I didn't know you were doing HMR. I tried it a couple years ago, it didn't do well with me. It shot my sugar level way up high. But their meals are pretty good! I love that oatmeal! Sometimes I think I want to buy some of it just to eat, not for dieting!

Good luck with it!

Julie said...

Thanks Gracie for answering my question. I think I would love to try those cookies. Just something sweet and not bad for me to help on those days where I have to have something.
I would love to walk around Seaworld again. It's been 30 years since I was there the once in my life time. Such a cool place.
take care and have a blessed weekend.