Thursday, February 16, 2012

Long boring meeting.. ok maybe not boring

I have to admit when we have our staff meeting we really do laugh more than get anything done. My two MD bosses are frickin hilarious. The rest of the staff is crazy. My pain in the bootie employee of course called out sick. LOL......

But today is beautiful. Last night was storming again. My son had class from 7pm to 10pm. I am such a worry wart that I had to drive him to school (College) then go back and pick him up. I know, untie the umbilical cord. But it was so stormy and dark.  He was cool with it, he know me way too well. But that meant I had to stay up past my bed time. (Hey I'm old, and I need my sleep.) So come 5:00 am, I was beat. Oh well, I am taking tomorrow off to enjoy a 4 day weekend. Friday night my daughter and I are going on a ghost walking tour of downtown San Diego.  Whoooooo spooky. It is an walking tour. About an hour.

Today, I do not know why (yes I do-PMS) but I was hungry. So I went to the cafe in my building and bought a salad. This salad had cherry tomatoes, olives, corn, Romaine and red cabbage. And it came with fat free dressing. This salad was 110 calories in all. Granted it was mainly Romaine but still what a deal... I was so jazzed. The other day I was looking around and they had the roasted veggie sandwich, it had 600 calories. WTF.. So I ended up getting greek yogurt with blueberries for 170 calories. They didn't have salads yesterday. No the price wasn't cheap, but it was worth it to me.

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Julie said...

When Mike leaves for college he'll be way to far away for me to drive to school. You are so lucky to have your son right there. I have a meeting at the bus garage next Tuesday, I'm hoping it's quick and painless but the last one we had wasn't to quick.
Take care Gracie and have a blessed evening. Sleep well!!