Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainy weekend

It was a cold and rainy weekend. Nice to have a fire in roaring. Not a lot of excitment. I found this item while at Target, (getting that movie). My son loves McRibs (not really sure why). But in the Morningstar section, a veggie McRib looking thingy[Image Not Available] - <strong><em>MorningStar Farms® </em></strong>Hickory<strong><em> </em></strong>BBQ Riblets

So I bought them for him to try. He hasn't tried it yet. I made turkey enchiladas last night(from the Smoked turkey we did last week). I saved some and froze it. I like turkey meat, but I hate turkey enchiladas. I don't know why, I like chicken enchiladas,  just not turkey. But the family likes them. I cooked me some ground beef about  half a pound, so I cooked that up, drained it, then added onions, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and a ton of cabbage and made a stir fry thingy. It was good and it made so much that I will have some for dinner again tonight. It is suppose to rain today, I heard it should start about 2pm, so I least I can still walk at lunch.

Last week, I was home alone, so I was watching some music videos on the telly, and did my own little zumba class. (Have I mentioned before that I am a real dork?)  But I worked up a sweat. I sat down to take off my socks, I was twisted a little talking to the dog, and I pulled a stomach muscle, hurt like heck. It still hurts. Dont know how I did it, but the minute I did it, I was in pain. Almost like a cramp but worse. My stomach still bothers me. Dang it all.

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