Friday, February 3, 2012

I am soooo mad

I am getting really mad, for the last week I have been drinking tons of water. Eating exceptional well. Last night for dinner, roasted veggies and brown rice. Today on scale no loss, (actually all week). I was so disappointed, I felt like saying $@#$ it. Got dressed went to work, filled up my water bottle and almost thought about not walking at lunch. I mean really, it sucks. 60 minutes of walking isnt really all that fun. Especially when everyone else is resting, eating lunch and socializing. But noooo, not me I am walking and walking and walking. I come back stretch and get back to work. Let me tell ya, I do still get sore from all this walking. I come home from work and watch a bit of TV when my chores are done. I get up to go tinkle and ugh, I am stiff. In the morning I wake up, get out of bed to shower and I am stiff. SOOOO why is the weight not coming off. I think it calls for some drastic measures. Ya, first I felt like giving up.... but I got over the pity party for one. I am going to kick it up a bit, I am going to drink my shakes during the day and go back to veggies only. It really worked for me. Ya, I will be a bit crabby at least until the weight starts coming back off. Then I will be all happy again.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

PERSISTENCE my friend... and you have it! Your body cannot keep holding on to the weight when you are taking in less calories than you are expending. It will all play out eventually. It's that patience thing that gets me too! Hang in there - you are a ROCKSTAR girl, and rockstars are bold, ferocious, beautiful creatures! :)

Julie said...

It'll happen Gracie, it will. That scale loves to make you mad but just keep going and it'll move. You are doing amazing and that hour walk each day is terrific. Keep it up.
Take care Gracie and God Bless!!