Thursday, February 2, 2012

Desperate times

OK, I am doing something wrong. I record everything I eat, drink and exercise on MFP. Yet here I am still not losing weight...not even a 1lb. WTH. So today, I brought to work a workout rope (resistance bands). The kind where you put your feet in straps and your hands in the others and stretch. So, I can workout with this through out the day.

This Saturday I have a level 2 Reiki class, which is all day. But should be fun. Then Sunday is the Superbowl. (Yawn). But we are going to smoke a turkey that day, so that should be tasty. Otherwise I hope its a peaceful weekend.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Keep it up... you're doing good. Smoked turkey sounds way delicious!! :)


Pam @ The Meltaways said...

Ugh...plateaus are AWFUL! Whatever you do, just don't give up. As long as you keep on keeping on, you'll bust through it. Maybe not as quickly as you'd like, but you will. :)