Friday, March 30, 2012


Well to help kick everything up a notch. I purchased a Virgin Pedometer. The first day, yesterday I did 8K steps. The goal or magic number is 10K steps a day. So I will strive for that. Not sure what that really means but its a goal to reach for. Yesterday went pretty well, I had all my shakes, one benefit Bar and one meal for dinner. I wanted to stick to all shakes, but me got hungry. :(  I still was on base with the program, nothing that I cant have. Today, same thing, but I am increasing my water intake. I just came back from my walk and its a pretty nice day. I am hungry, I admit it. But, if I eat one of my meals it will be at dinner and with a shake. Their dinners are actually tasty and they all run between 140-250 calories(I think).  Yesterday I come home from work and the smell of spaghetti sauce was in the air. The husband had made some in the crock pot. A bit tough, but I did it.  Of course it sucks that I had to clean up the mess and put the left overs away. He works night so ah thanks for the mess dude.

I hope this weekend goes well, I am sure there will be many temptations, so I am sure I will be a bitchy woman. Its either that or eat, so I vote bitchy. Watch out boys at home....stay away from mama. Of course, unless I win the Mega lotto then I will be a rich happy hungry woman. Well off to walk some more, need to reach 10K steps...Seriously what does that mean, why 10K?


That corgi :) said...

Not sure about the 10,000 steps but isn't that equivalent to 3-4 miles or something like that? Remember reading that a bit back. Good about the pedometer so you can see how much you are walking.

Good too that things are going okay with the shakes, etc. I know when I did my weight loss thing we did shakes four times a day and got to eat dinner that consisted of 400 calories. Each shake was 100 calories so we were getting 800 calories in a day. I got a bit more because I was doing a lot of exercise at the time so I got to have protein at lunch like 1/2 cup cottage cheese or some lunch meat. Anyway, the dinner calories were 200 of meat (5 ounces chicken or fish, 4 ounces beef) 100 calories starch (1/2 cup rice, small potato, an ounce of pasta) and the other 100 calories was a salad with whatever you could come up with to equal 100 calories, lettuce, tomato etc. I got created one time, made spaghetti for the family, had 4 ounces of ground beef, a cup of spaghetti sauce that equaled the salad 100 calories and then ounce (which is nothing) of spaghetti noodles. But it tasted good.

It did help because hubby went along eating whatever we had for dinner and he was working outside the house then so he wasn't around for breakfast and lunch so I didn't have to see what he was eating (except for weekends) but I was really trying to lose the weight since I had goals in mind (vacations both times, wanted to be skinny to impress family, LOL :)

I do believe you will do great!! Just keep taking it a day at a time!!


MB said...

I don't think there is any magic or to the 10,000 steps but I noticed (before my fitbit died) that I would only reach that number if I worked out or went for a decent walk or run. Happy trails....