Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost a full week

Well I have been back on the program almost a full week. I have to go in a day early since tomorrow I have plans at the Hotel Del Coronado...Sweeet. So, I have been on the program, done well, haven't caved in, no cheating here. Weekdays seem to work well for walking, the first day I did 8800 steps,(But I didnt use it all day) then the rest of the time 12K. But, the weekend was a bummer. I was really tired. It could be the new diet making me tired. So, I am hoping this upcoming weekend I will hit the gym at least for Saturday. Not sure if they will be open on Sunday, being Easter and all.

Tonight will be my first weigh in. So I would be interested in what I have lost.(Fingers crossed).

I use the oatmeal for breakfast, but I do something a bit different. I make them into cookies. I mix my oatmeal package with a bit of diet soda and maple extract. Then bake them. I think they are really good. You cant beat the easiness of it all. But, it seems to help me snack on it thru out the am. It gives me about 5 cookies. Ok, they are not really cookies per se, but they work for me. Well, wish me luck for tonight.


That corgi :) said...

clever with the cookies like that! You'll do great, wishing you luck! You can't help but lose weight if you stayed on course and didn't cheat and got some exercise in! Gorgeous times too to be going to the Del!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Good luck tonight! :)