Friday, March 23, 2012

The Queen Mary

Well, I have to say that the Queen Mary in Long beach went above and beyond customer service. I mentioned to you that our trip last week to the Queen Mary became a bit of a huge disappointment. The tour we went to see, the midnight haunted tour was cancelled because the psychic became very sick. (ok, no jokes folks, I have heard them all this week). No she didnt see it coming.....The QM staff not only reimbursed me for the hotel room, the also will comp us to come see the tour again. WOW. I am excited, I think I will try to encourage me darling daughter to go back up in May or June. I really think that was so kind of them.

I am so tired, I hope to rest this weekend. I think I will throw a chicken into the crockpot tomorrow and make a soup. This weekend is suppose to be rainy again. The weather this week has been really brilliant. Today tho, is very cold and cloudy, oh well. I have charged my IPOD and am ready to go for my walk at lunch today. My eye seems to be getting better. The MD, said it was nothing, just a broken blood vessel.  One more MD visit on Tuesday night and then Wednesday back to the program. Yeah!

My little doggie Dakota is getting better. She kept me awake  off and on this AM. She wanted out then back in. Ugg. At one time, she wanted back in, so I opened the glass door to let her in, in comes a black lab and I start to walk back to bed when I realized it wasn't Dakota, it was the youngster Boomer. He was just pretending to be Dakota.  Then I noticed the collar was a different color. Now that Dakota has lost a lot of weight, I couldnt in the dark, tell them apart. It was pretty funny really. Because the boy labs do not come in the house, but Boomer apparently noticed I was tired and Dakota didnt get their fast enough for me to notice it wasnt her.  So I am walking down the hall with Boomer and stopped and was like hey wait a minute here. I said you are not Dakota and all of a sudden Boomers tail was a waggin crazy and he started to get all wiggly. Man he is sly!

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That corgi :) said...

That was nice of the Queen Mary to comp you like that! Good customer service indeed! Yum on the chicken soup and you are right, another potential rainy weekend! Hope you get a good rest though!