Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some of the things we did.

Well lets see, Wednesday we went to LA's Chinatown first. Then to see Dodgers stadium, except you apparently cant. Then we went to the Hollywood Blvd to see the Kodak theater and visit Roosevelt hotel. The Hotel was beautiful, Kodak was ok.  We walked around on Hollywood Blvd. (Yucky place really). The we went to the hotel to change quickly into our Clippers shirts (purchased just for the game). The hotel was close enough to walk to Staples. We walked it was a nice walk, only about a mile thru many a homeless and past a Medicinal Marijuana pharmacy. It was a very busy place.  Because we are getting back to the hotel late (and because it was creepy at night)we decided to take a taxi.

Thursday we went to Madame Tussauds. It was nice and fun, but I have been to the one in London and there is no comparison at all.   We went to the Hollywood Museum. (Old and grungy).We then had lunch at the WB break room before we went on the WB studio tour. This was 2.5 hrs and had fun. After that we went to Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier. Cold, but fun. We rode the roller coaster and the Farris Wheel. We walked the Pier and looked at the Sunset, there was a seal in the water. We watched him for a bit. We went back to the car. On our way they were filming a movie. Interesting.

Friday, we went to Griffith Park. Beautiful and the homes near it are stunning. We saw the Hollywood sign and we went to the Hollywood bowl. We then left to Universal Studios. We stayed there for several hours. Fun! We went to the Queen Mary hotel, checked in and quickly changed into our Ducks shirt (again, purchased just for this game). Then headed to the Honda Center. On the way out, back to our hotel we saw the Angels stadium.  So we get back to the Queen Mary and we are just strolling along the deck and we get the call at 10:45pm that the tour we are waiting for at midnight was cancelled. Ugh.

So, we strolled some more then we went to the bar and watch the band play. Then we went to our room and watched a little TV and fell asleep. We woke up to a brutal storm. We packed and drove home in this crazy rain. You couldnt even see at times.

But, it was good to be home, my daughter missed her pups and I missed my son and my pups. Especially worried about my Dakota. So that was my crazy time.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Looks like you had a fun trip too! We also rode in a taxi... see, so much in common! We missed our doggies too. Glad you had a fun time. Memories are fabulous! Getting back to work.... not at fun. ;)

Take care my friend!

That corgi :) said...

You guys did a lot in the time you were gone! I always laugh, people think Hollywood will be so glamarous and the actual city is nothing that resembles glamorous in any way, LOL :)

Beautiful sunny day today though!