Monday, March 5, 2012

Should I feel guilty?

That our weather has been stunning. Nearly 90 degrees on Sunday. Most of the other states are having absolutely horrible weather.  Today should be a bit cooler. On Sunday alone, my son and I went thru two pitchers of home made Iced Tea. The dogs all went into the pool. I was in the kitchen and I yelled at one to get out when I saw the other one was already doing laps. I guess I cant blame them. If the pool water was warmer I would have been in too. I need to look for a cheap bird bath that I can put into the aviary before summer hits. Birds love taking baths.

Went to Costco on Sunday, it opened early so it wasnt crowded at all. I was out of Crimini's and my egg whites and turkey bacon. So, now I am set for a while.

I had to get gas, (not at Costco, line was way to long). Our gas is 4.38 a gal. Man does that suck!

I am hoping for a much better week. Last week was so bad, the stress made my back go out. And to top it off, I had to got to the other Hospital location for another Labor relations meeting Friday afternoon. I parked on the street and some real dick hit my car as he pulled out from behind me. He didnt even leave a note(of course). I think that was the final straw.  I came home and just sat in my big chair and didnt want to move.  I thought it was worse than it really was, the husband and son both clean it up and it turned out to be just a small scratch in the paint, no dent and very fixable. But still I am so glad the week was over. Today, I actually feel better, my back isnt hurting, no heart palpitations. So, wish me luck!

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