Monday, March 19, 2012


What a vacation. My daughter planned a perfect vacation. We did nearly everything on her itinerary.
We would leave the hotel about 9-10am every AM and return to the hotel at night usually at 10-11. We were on the go continuously between those hours. Seriously tho, LA highways truly suck. It is rush hour all day long. I will never complain about our San Diego freeways again. Hollywood is really trashy and dirty. But the museums were great and the studio tours were a blast.

Friday night our Ghost tour got cancelled at 11pm. It was to start at midnight. We were pissed. But my daughter and I toured the Queen Mary anyway. The ship is amazing.

Before I left for my trip though, my dog Dakota was sick, I took her to the vet on Tuesday and they did xrays and lab. The Vet said she had a stomach infection. The next day they called and said she also has diabetes. I was stunned. So, I went back to the vet and they showed me how to give her shots. I then had to get her prescription. So within 24 hrs I spent over 500 dollars. I literally left 10 minutes after dropping off the drugs. I showed my son how to give her shots and he took care of her for me the entire time.  I only see a little improvement, so I am going to bring her back for more lab test this week. I have 3 MD appointments and now I need to add the Vet. Plus, I might end up going to the doctor with my daughter.

I come back to work today and find out that one of my staff was off all week (sick). One of the abusers. Grrrrrr, I am pissed.

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That corgi :) said...

Your vacation does sound like it was fun! The Queen Mary is neat indeed! Sorry the ghost tour got cancelled though. I totally agree with you about any traffic, LOL. We were on the freeway one time late afternoon on a Friday and almost got hit three or four times. I was a nervous wreck, LOL. I said "geesh, I think I'll keep my work at home job".

Sorry about the dog. Koda has diabetes so we understand the two shots a day routine; hope your dog handled it better than Koda did at the beginning. A year later and it still takes two of us to give him a shot so I'm glad your son can do it himself (we probably could work our way to having one do the shots but we got the two people routine down so why rock the boat :)

Hope you can find out what is wrong with them and after all we have "dumped" at the vet for Koda's stuff, I really think I'm in the wrong business.....

Work is never fun to come back to after a vacation......

at least it stopped raining