Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Monday....

Well things didnt quite start off so well today. I had a doctor appt at 8:20, needed an H & P, an EKG and some fasting blood work. OK, so I get there at 8:00 and she said oh your doctor called in this AM and had a family emergency. Ok, I guess, I will see someone else. They have like 10 docs. But, nooooo, no one has any opening. So I asked them to ask the NP, I kinda know her pretty well. She ordered the lab for me and the EKG. So, at least I was able to get those done today. I will come back for the H&P. It is needed for the weightloss clinic.

Ok, I get to work, and yes someone called out sick. Oh well, no lunch break for me today. Tomorrow is my Friday, then I am on vacation. I am anxious, not a big fan of driving to places I dont go to much. LA is one of them.  It should be fun though. Weather might get a bit wet by the weekend. All last week it said how nice it was going to be this weekend. Apparently Mother Nature had a change of heart.

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