Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yesterday I did something stupid

My back has been killing me now for a couple weeks. So yesterday, I thought I would take a 800mg Ibuprofen and half of a flexeril(Muscle relaxer). I usually never take these except at night. But, I thought half should be ok. It wasnt. At lunch instead of walking, I went and took a nap. Ugh, I felt like crap. It made me so frickin tired. Never again. I will just stick with the Ibuprofen.

Today is going to be a nice warm day. I really look forward to walking. I have been out of sorts lately. I am ready to take some time off work next week. It is my daughters Birthday and we will be spending up in LA LA land. We are going to see the Clippers and the Ducks and the Queen Mary. Weather should still be pretty nice. The only damper is the gas prices. But, what can ya do?

I have been experimenting with baby Bok Choy. Its really good. I made a stir Fry with it. I added to my egg white omelet. It was good. Its pretty versatile. I think my next adventure will be spaghetti  squash.
I saw a recipe from Hungry girl that looked really yummy.

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