Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OK, I dont do this often

But yesterday I stayed home sick. I have an ear infection but that started Monday and I can deal with that at work. Actually it makes worker easier since I cant hear out of that ear. :)  But I  woke up from sleep at 4:30 with stomach pain. I thought I was dreaming until I realized "damn I am awake". I felt like crappola. So, I stayed home. UGH.... Today I needed to come to work no matter what. I have two meetings tomorrow and so much other stuff. I had a MD appointment for Friday, but moved it til next week. Two days off in one week is tough, so if I can avoid it I will. My MD appointment is for leg cramps. I get the cramps in my calfs or thighs or feet nearly everyday. I thought it was from walking, but I have been doing that for over a year now and damn, I should be used to it. So maybe it is from something else.

This AM, I didnt feel like making something for breakfast so I heated a lean cuisine pizza. I have to ask, but is it strange that I over cook it so that it is very crunchy. It makes it harder to eat and I eat it slower.  If it is soft, then I eat it on two to three bites. Where as, the over-done version takes me twice as long. I know, it is weird.....Then because it is over done, I drink more of my Iced tea...which fills me up even more. Bahaha...This is so weird.

The weather is getting cooler which helps with my walks. Monday during my walk I found a dollar. Wohoooooo. So the rest of the walk I kept looking for more. O!
I wonder if I will find any today?


AlmostGastricBypass said...

Your question of Crisp pizza versus soggy is an attempt to make sure that we read quickly, without noticing you had Pizza from a box for breakfast ?
Awesome, I used to do that as well. I love it crisp also, and only bought that or the WW ones when they were on sale. Used to mangle the boxes also, figuring out how to make it work...

gracies tough journey said...

Damn...someone did catch that!

That corgi :) said...

hoping you feel better soon between your ear and your tummy. Maybe protein bars for the morning you don't feel like cooking something?

Good for you for finding a dollar on your walk! I used to look for coins when I was walking Koda and then put them in a jar to eventually donate to church; never found much but it did add up with the change we added.

It really has been a pleasant summer weather wise; afraid to jinx it if I say that but it is definitely one of the advantages to living here :)


Julie said...

Pizza for breakfast, not to sure but you does fill the empty spot.
I hope you're feeling better. Those leg cramps are horrible, I hope he/she can help you with them.
Take care and have a blessed weekend. A few more hours to go.

Cj Hunt said...

Did your Dr say anything about mineral deficiencies for your leg cramps? I thought about that then looked it up. Here is the link if it might help..
I do hope you are feeling better! :)