Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's suck!

Ya, me a grouchy biotch today, so forgive me. Our new tenants moved in Saturday. I hope they are as good as they made themselves out to be. I am such a naive fool at times, I really am.

I met with the Assistant DA, got to say, she is a pretty little thing and loves dogs. Hmmm, who da thunk it.  We met for an hour at my house, I was recorded for my depo. I was given a subpoena for the trial which is slated for 9/11. Seriously could it have come on a worse fricking date. I asked them to please not subpoena my daughter as she didn't see anything I didn't see and in fact less. When I talked to her about it last week she wasn't answering me on the phone as I talked, I then asked are you still there, and in a tiny voice she said yes. Poor thing was crying. I hate bringing back these memories for her. But, they said they had to subpoena her too. They said we would come on the same day so we would be together.

This weekend sucked. It was 104 on Saturday and I had to go buy a fridge for the rental. It seemed worse on Sunday.  On Sunday, we had a lot of rain clouds(no rain for us) a lot of humidity but with the cloud cover made it a perfect time to go swimming for a while. Of course, the pool is luke warm from the heat. But all in all it was refreshing. The dogs enjoyed the swim also. I had to give the birds in the aviary a shower so I turned on the sprinkler for them. They loved it.

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That corgi :) said...

(((you and your daughter))). I feel for the both of you. Maybe they'll plead something first and you won't have to testify? Tell me about the heat; I wish the weather people would be honest and say it is going to be hot FOREVER instead of saying "cooling down by the weekend" and the weekend was hotter than the days before. Note to self, I will not live down here next year unless this house gets air conditioning (miffed at hubby for not looking into the cost of it)

hang in there and enjoy the pool as you can!