Friday, August 3, 2012

Hmm Hmm GOOD

Ok, last night I got off my bootie and prepared better for my breakfast today and lunch. I made a yummmy egg white omelet with zucchini and baby bells and shredded chicken breast. I added a little Topatio. Much better than crunchy over-cooked LC pizza. 

I am so happy today is Friday, this weekend we should be almost done with the rental house. Once inside is done, we are then having the house re-stuccoed.

I am so hoping for a peaceful weekend.
Work has been so stressful and busy lately. Ugh. But I have a good job and should count my blessings.

My lunch walks have been really good and positive for me. Of course, I havent found any more money. Damn MD's why cant they drop a few bucks out of their lab coats when they get out/in their cars. I also haven't seen the little coyote for a while. They are still doing tons of construction out here so I think they scared him off to the other canyon.

Weather wise, its been humid but ok really. I sure am wanting to see some rain though. I love rain and of course we rarely get it. Years ago, and I mean many years ago, when I was pregnant, I was dying in the heat and I use to watch the weather channel and look at the rain in other places. It made me feel better. Yep, I just jinxed myself, now we'll get flooding... yep thats me.

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That corgi :) said...

LOL; I hope we don't get too much rain since son is working at an auto detailing place and valeting :)

your breakfast sounded so much better!

Do watch out for those coyotes, but then it is a good thing you aren't walking with a dog, used to always scare me seeing them when walking Koda when we lived in Murrieta and Laguna Niguel

I do hope your weekend is a restful one!

(those MD's are so tight wadded, and besides I don't think any of them carry cash, its either a debit/credit card of they put it on their account in the cafeteria, at least the ones I worked for did that :)