Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oye my aching body

This weekend I needed to clean out my aviary. I might have mentioned before that I have an aviary in my back yard with a bunch of cockatiels in it. Its about 7 feet long, 6 feet high and maybe 4 feet wide or something like that. Well birds are a messy group, they like to play in their food and dig through for there favorite things then the floor gets covered in seed. So, you would think it would be easy to rake clean. Well you'd be wrong, for one this I cant leave the door open or they would fly away. (So rude of them). So as not to stress them out, I get a small bucket, liners and a duster bottom and a tiny little scoop. Then I squat and rake it into the bucket, when it fills up, I take it out, replace the liner and continue. Well yesterday my ass and back of my thighs were killing me from squatting so much. And as I drink a ton of fluids I had to pee a lot. OMG, that killed to squat to take a tinkle. Oh well, I will survive and who knows maybe start doing more squats. Apparently it works those muscle.

Yesterday I come home from work, check my answering machine since it was blinking. Now I have a call from the defending attorneys office. He is going to call me today. Great.

Next week, I have to get a colonoscopy. Really it is no surprise to me that I keep getting heart palpitations. Life is grand!


Julie said...

I did to many squarts a few weeks ago and it took almost a week to be able to go pee without pain, or walking down a hill with out thinking I'm dying.
Take care Gracie, blessings!!

That corgi :) said...

The number one report I think I transcribe/edit is colonoscopies. Having said that, I'm over 50 and have not had one yet (nor have plans to have one).

I hope yours goes well.

I think it will be a good thing once this case comes to trial; I know it is hard to prepare for it and so emotional but having the testifying "behind you" might help a bit with closure although it will stay with you forever the images of that night.