Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hmm something interesting

Today at work I have been swamped, then to top it off I have to deal with a difficult employee Ugh.
I had enough, I was so pissed so I left before I said something that I really wanted to say. So I took my walk. Its hot, but much better than it has been. So I waddle my ass to the parking structure and did my walk. Its so funny, I was so pissed and I walked so fast. I did those levels X2 so fast I couldn't believe it. So, remind me to get pissed again because it was awesome. It was so funny, at least to me, how fast I did it. I walked back to my office and my boss asked if I was OK. He knew I was pissed, and I laughed and said I feel so much better.

I have been hooked on this Peak Iced tea,(Diet) I have been bringing the 59 oz bottle to work and drink it in no time flat. I know I should make my own, but I'm lazy. I will make it on weekends, but it is so convenient to bring it. Plus I have my 2.5 gallon of Arrowhead water. I am not fond of Arrowhead, but I usually add crystal light so what the hell, its cheap.

Well lets recap my post, apparently I have anger issues, I am lazy and cheap. Hmmmmm

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